From Kourosh Mostoufi, owner and manager of Darioush Epicurus:

I love feeding my four-year-old son and family. And this company, this service is also a passion for me. Having forgone my former restaurants and full-event catering, I have been able to focus solely on school lunch service for the past 11 years. My schools have my full attention.

In Barcelona, Spain I completed my business degree in Restaurant Management at the American College in 1980. I later graduated from the Heidelberg Hotel Management School with a Restaurant Management degree in 1983 in Heidelberg, Germany. Living and working with food in the European “slow food” tradition instilled in me an appreciation for warm cooked meals, rather than “fast foods” or reheated foods..

My talented managers and cooks, most of whom are parents, also care deeply about children. All of my staff have been with me for the past 20 years, and they share my love of healthy, thoughtful service. We hope that you will enjoy meeting them and seeing their friendly faces. We think service is more than being satisfied with the quality and quantity of your meals. We strive to offer the invaluable service of personable staff, and welcoming care for your children.

One of my personal passions is giving back to the community by volunteering for causes that I believe in. For the past 25 years I have enjoyed volunteering for a local non-profit to manage menu planning, serving area set up, crowd flow and service for as many as 3,000 people on a regular and ongoing basis.

I hope to be able to serve you as well!

Darioush Epicurus
Serving San Francisco and Bay Area Schools for over a decade
Quality, Care, and Service…these are the qualities that make our company work

Mr. Kourosh Mostoufi at 510.336.9680 (office),   415.305.6762 (mobile), or