Darioush Epicurus provides catering for schools in San Francisco, California and surrounding communities. Our complete cafeteria outsourcing services include order, preparation, kitchen and serving area set-up and clean-up, staffing, and a variety of custom menus.

Our foods provide a colorful cornucopia of fruits and vegetables to entice and support healthy happy food choices in the children we serve. We love working with school administration to create our healthy delicious menus for students and faculty. With your input, we set up your kitchen to be functional and affordable. As an added benefit to some

To serve diverse cultures and lifestyles, we customize a program that best suits your school or organization’s needs. Some of the ways we do that is with attention to special diets. For instance, a vegetarian option is always available. And Kosher, nut-free, wheat-free, and dairy-free meals are available upon request.


  • The same abundant, yet affordable service is available for any school event. We provide appetizers, sandwiches, or full course meals from our fully customized menus.
  • A hot catered meal can provide a relaxing transition or a rejuvenating break for your entire school team. After a nutritious, delicious meal, your staff is ready to focus and be productive.

Examples of school events we have catered are:

  • open houses
  • staff meetings
  • parent association meetings
  • teacher or volunteer appreciation events
  • holiday parties and
  • graduation


  • nutritionally balanced meals
  • baked or broiled entrees that provide low fat and high energy
  • natural, hormone-free, antibiotic-free meats that are fed their natural vegetarian diet include only meats from from Niman Ranch, Diestel Family Turkey Ranch, and Petaluma Poultry; no meats from Concentrated Animal Feedlot Operations (or CAFOs)
  • hormone and rBST-free dairy products
  • olive and canola oil, no saturated or trans fat
  • whole grains and
  • very limited sugars.


  • preservatives
  • fillers
  • artificial ingredients
  • high fructose corn syrup  (illegal in Europe and served widely in the U.S.)
  • genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or
  • added nitrates or nitrites (commonly found in lunch meats and shown to bring about stomach cancer and other ailments).

Let us develop and implement a new, healthier lunch program for you. We will make your school lunch service a pleasure, while providing a feeling of ease with our courteous and cheerful staff.

Full-service hot meals with food set-up, service, and clean-up.
A salad and sandwich bar is included with all hot meals. Children can eat as much healthy hot entree, soup, or sandwich as needed. This is vastly different than the one- serving policy most school caterers follow. And we are available on site to cook more if necessary!

Darioush Epicurus
Serving San Francisco and Bay Area Schools for over a decade
Quality, Care, and Service…these are the qualities that make our company work

Mr. Kourosh Mostoufi at 510.336.9680 (office),   415.305.6762 (mobile), or mostoufi@earthlink.net